My Simple Morning Spring Ritual​

Spring is such a gorgeous season and it associates personally with me plenty of juices and raw after a wave of comfort healing foods from the cold months. This season I tend to cleanse a little more than usual and what I mean by that is that I double my take on celery juice daily and eat/graze throughout the day. I also wake a little earlier and sleep a little later (still doing my best to be in bed by 10pm).

  • Wake 5.30am
  • Prayers
  • 1 litre of celery juice upon waking (and 1 litre mid afternoon)
  • Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox smoothy
  • Light lunch with a few steamed vegetables and plenty of raw salad

By starting the morning this way I keep my liver happy and is able to flush out toxins that the liver worked to get rid of the night before.

Notice I do not add any kind of fats either is because I tend to eat fat free in my diet so the liver is not producing and working so hard to create bile.


If you do eat fats, any kind of fats try and keep those away until midday or during dinner times. This means your body will have a chance to cleanse on a regular basis without burdening your liver and thins out the blood for a better equipped immune system.