It all began...

I woke up with a numb left leg on a fine summers day. Little did I know at t the time the enormous challenges  ahead of me were going to shape the being I am today.

A nerve injury on my left leg that was meant to be healed within 6-8 weeks turned systemic meaning my whole entire body experienced frightening, horrendous,  debilitating and excruciating  symptoms that left me physically broken. I was then left confined to a wheelchair with unanswered questions from all the doctors, specialists and practitioners I had seen. What was I to do?

One symptom lead to another with over 50+ in total,  I found myself going blind to electrical shootings from the top of my head to the souls of my feet. My nights were filled with screams as the sounds of rain or wind  shook my entire central nervous system to the core with lightening. Left breathless as my lungs and chest caved in like some large python had wrapped themselves around me squeezing the last breath I had. My body was lifeless and hope was diminishing from my eyes.

One year later the internal bleeding both from my stomach and large colon continued to bleed daily for up to two years (if i wasn’t already dealing with enough). The daily bleeding needed to stop ASAP as my instincts told me I was not going to be around for too long if it were to continue.

I was on a mission and giving up was not an option, I needed to find the answers and healing this body was going to be my focus and priority.  I didn’t care what I had to add or take out of my life, I made a deal with myself that I would do whatever it took and completely dedicate my whole life to healing. Faith was my only hope and I was at my lowest, exhausted, having absolutely nothing left to keep moving forward most days. 

The creator spoke to my heart and that I would heal. I began to listen to the depth of my being, my intuition spoke and began the journey of receiving messages on what I needed to do to heal the body. I asked to be lead to the truth and the correct information so I may understand the root cause of the illness that I was experiencing.

This then was the beginning of a beautiful and powerful journey that lead me to the embodiment of healing the body from the physical, to the spiritual, mental, emotional and finally to the calling of my soul where I now help and assist those that need support with chronic illness.