And so it is...

My story is not straight forward and there have been hurdles I have had to cross to get to where I am now. I wished I could tell you that my journey was simple and that I applied a few things only and figured it all out, but the reality was far from that.

The people that have healed or currently suffering from chronic illness understand and know the triumphs I am talking about.

It isn’t until you experience what it is truly like living in a debilitated body you understand the challenges that you are faced with let alone all the misinformation that is circulating in the medical system both western and alternative that often lead to false hopes.

But little did I know at the time the enormous challenges  ahead of me were going to shape the being I am today.

Within 4 years I have healed over 50+ symptoms including  neurological, internal bleeding from my colon daily for 2 and a half years (Ulcerative Colitis) to now walking/running/longboarding again without  the assistance from the medical system. I felt I was left for dead and there was not a thing that anybody could do to get me out of this nightmare.

The many times I begged for mercy and prayed above to send me something so I would get the healing that I really needed has taken me on a path I did not see coming and I was ready for a massive change in my life.

Writing everything down in detail would not do justice so I have decided to create a video instead that will soon becoming and shall post on this page for you to listen, hear and watch.

But for now if you are suffering from illness and losing hope?… know this…

There are answers as to why you are not well, it is absolutely not your fault and you did not make it up in your mind or attract it in your life. It is not karma either or something you have done in your past life to deserve this.

What you are experiencing is real regardless of how you look on the outside while others tell you you look great and fine.

You are beautiful, whole and you deserve to live your life feeling good in your body.

I am with you, I hear you and I feel you…………