Cannot see me personally? Let's get together online!

For those who would like to connect and cannot personally come and see me, I invite you to work with me online.

It is the same structure as ‘Visit Nature Work With Me’ but you get to be in the comfort of your own home.

Experience a tailored one on one session, surrounded by a rich, calm and healing environment.

This will create a solid and grounded foundation to begin our work. Our sessions are holistic in approach and specific to you and your healing journey.

I look at the individual as a whole and address issues to detail so we can tailor specifically what your needs are in moving forward with your health.

Below are just some of the areas of expertise I can support you on:

  • Auto-Immune (eg.neurological/bloating/digestive & stomach issues/fatigue/colitis/tingles/numbness)    

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Direction In Life (Life Purpose)

For more info please read “Who This is For?”


In order to create sustainable, long lasting results, the best outcomes are when my clients have an initial consultation followed up by a tailored 3 month program, which includes regular support sessions.

I always remind and share with others that healing is a long term commitment, it takes time/dedication and patience in receiving results (depending on the individuals case) as we move to deeper layers of the physical, spiritual and  emotional aspects of the body.



Who is this for?

These sessions are tailored for those;

  • If you are struggling with your health and not improving no matter what you have done

  • If you want improved health and well-being

  • To aid in relaxation and better sleep
  • Build stronger intuition
  • Tools for Self-Empowerment
  • For clarity and life direction

  • Seeking to break old patterns and habits
  • Looking for strategies to reduce depression
  • Finding inner peace
  • Seeking connection with yourself and others


Initial Consultation     $150
Minimum 1.5hr session


5 Session Package       $600
1hr session


3 Month Program       $1200 (saving of $240)
Weekly Sessions and committed assistance for sustainable change.

Every case is treated with utmost care and sensitivity.