See me for some nourishing connection whilst we address the core issues so you may move forward in life

Coming to see me personally we get to be surrounded by a very rich, calm and healing environment. This creates a very solid and grounded foundation to begin our work as I often use the elements of nature as part of consultations and ongoing programs. Our sessions are very harmonic and depending on what is needed for the individual, I tailor specific needs with the use of either sound, sitting in the gardens, a calm bush walk, prayers in nature and or depending on the seasons we pick some herbs, fruit and vegetables from the gardens.

This then allows my clients to connect with themselves, feel calm, safe and trusting of the process.


I work with people from all walks of life and address the areas that they are currently struggling with. These include auto-immune issues (symptoms that are prominent or getting worse), lack of self confidence such as personal power and ones  life purpose (we focus on getting to the core of who you are and where you are going in life).

From personal experience and having worked with others that are needing assistance, I recommend to work with me on a weekly or fortnightly basis for a minimum 3 month plan for best results. There is an initial consultation in the beginning that usually take up to 90 minutes so we may address and get to the root cause of the problems giving you the most nurturing and safe experience.

I always remind and share with others that healing is a long term commitment, it takes time/dedication and patience in receiving results (depending on the individuals case) as we move to deeper layers of the physical, spiritual and  emotional aspects of the body.

Who is this for?

These sessions are tailored for those;

  • If you are struggling with physical chronic pain

  • Calming of the central nervous system.

  • If you want improved health and well-being

  • Self-Empowerment
  • Seeking a fulfilling rich life
  • Wanting To Break old patterns and habits
  • Heal Depression
  • Relaxation and for better sleep
  • Feeling at peace
  • Seeking connection with themselves and others