Do you feel a calling to explore the unique beauty of your voice and yearn for a deeper connection with your inner self through its expressive power?

Come on a journey of self-discovery and vocal transformation designed specifically and tailored uniquely for you as I am here to guide and nurture your journey towards discovering the essence of your being, as we together unlock the melody of your soul’s personal sound.

We access the deeper aspects of yourself that are yearning to be expressed, in whatever way you choose to share your voice. Whether it’s for personal growth, to harmonize within a group and contribute to sound healing, or simply for the pleasure of vocal expression will be uniquely tailored to suit your needs.


There are two options as to how you can work with me;

1.Vocal Voyage Program

A 3-month Vocal Voyage Program, where through 9 sessions, each lasting 2 hours, we embark on a collaborative journey to discover the untapped potential of your voice. This program is crafted for individuals seeking a transformative vocal experience as well as personal development, where we customize our approach to meet your unique needs and integrate holistic practices to nurture and solidify your newfound modes of expression.

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Vocal Voyage Program


2. In Depth Vocal Exploration

Embark on a 3-hour intensive vocal journey, where we amplify and uncover the hidden aspects of your persona through focused exploration. This session is designed to venture into the unexplored realms of your voice in a brief yet potent timeframe, offering a condensed experience packed with rapid, profound breakthroughs for those seeking a swift, impactful enhancement in their vocal abilities.

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Vocal Deep Dive