Hilot Intuitive Sessions

Hilot (pronounced heel-loot) is one of the oldest healing art practices in the Philippines (my mother land). It was believed that the healing ability of the manghihilot (hilot practitioner) came from mystic creatures such as espirito (spirits) and engkanto (elements).

The ability to perform hilot was and is still believed to be a gift from the spirits and elements, and it was common for elders who possess “the gift of touch” to pass it on to the younger generation in their families.

I was born and exposed to many hilot healers from a young age and received numerous hilot healing from folk healers and family members such as my lola (grandmother). It is still a very rare practice in the West and my work is to continue sharing and healing others with hilot applying all of the tools and principles I have gathered healing myself with chronic illness.

How it works:

Hilot brings the body back to harmonic balance. Its primary purpose is to restore a person’s physical, emotional, and even mental health. Hilot is where one intuitively senses the dis-ease of the body and is guided by the use of the hands to heal on a physical, energetic and a spiritual level.

For the purpose of this session I apply hilot energetifally to those that are needing assistance and every person I see is catered for individually (this is non-invasive and I am guided by my intuition in reading others where unease and tensions are in the body)


Who is this for?

These sessions are tailored for those;

  • If you are struggling with physical chronic pain

  • Calming of the central nervous system.

  • If you want improved health and well-being

  • Prefer deep tissue work
  • Needing symptoms alleviated
  • Relaxation and for better sleep

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