Music and Healing

Growing up the island life was simple and I was always pulled to listen when women sang in chants as they make there way down from the mountains to the villages. Singing  and plants were important forms of healing on the island of the Visayas and I couldn’t help but feel the strings of my heart being plucked when around common folks that would sing, play and apply hilot on the sick.

Until this day singing has never left and my desire to pursue music has led me to some exquisite places throughout parts of the world. Learning from different cultures and sharing music and stories, the exchange from well experienced folks to elders handing down priceless wisdom;

I knew I was chosen for the path of song as well as healing.

Although travel is not so much these days, I am today part of a beautiful En-coda Symphony Orchestra and the En-coda Trio in Perth. Both projects are a deep listening experience where instruments are tuned down to 432hz; A musical and sensory touch for therapeutic and health benefits catered for those who are wanting to explore something unique.


Who is this for?

This program is tailored to people who:

  • May have a chronic illness
  • Are soul searching
  • Want to live a life with more vitality
  • Want to explore food therapy and how it links to the body
  • Searching to heal an aspect of their lives
  • Feeling lost and uncertain of their life direction

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