Raw honey came into my life at a time when I needed the healing powers of honey. My intuition was clear that I needed to have honey as a tool so I was going to receive the glucose that my body needed and assist in healing areas of my stomach that western medicine could not (and it did just that from my personal experience).


My gut instinct told me to search and find quality honey; honey that was pure, unprocessed, raw with all of the beneficial bacteria and that include an ethical bee keeper that was honouring and taking care of the bees like no other.


Within a very short time I was lead to go back and visit the land of the Yawuru Country within the Kimberley region (Northern part of Western Australia).


Through synchronicity I was connected to the beekeeper of the sacred land of Yawuru Country and as our friendship blossomed I was blessed to offer and share the Melaleuca to those that are looking for quality medicinal grade honey globally.

This gave birth to my business Bless It Bee which you can directly purchase the honey online.

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Just Some Benefits of Raw Honey (Medical Medium information)


*Fights infectious diseases

*Repairs DNA

*Assists in colds and flus

*Auto-immune conditions

*Gut infections and stomach pain


*Neurological symptoms


*Sore throat


Who is this for?

This program is tailored to people who:

  • May have a chronic illness
  • Are soul searching
  • Want to live a life with more vitality
  • Want to explore food therapy and how it links to the body
  • Searching to heal an aspect of their lives
  • Feeling lost and uncertain of their life direction

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