This is a 3 month program that work towards healing your body from within, identifies and explains to you the true cause of Ulcerative Colitis.

Every individual has their own unique personal experience as well as symptoms; Therefore the program is catered individually as we trouble shoot complicated cases.

Having lived and healed from UC with many other mysterious symptoms, I use my knowledge and the information from Medical Medium to give you the steps to truly heal your body by simply using nourishing and powerful plant-based foods.

Healing chronic-illness is not only limited to what we ingest but are also tested mentally, spiritually, emotionally and on a heart soul-level.

Let me save you hours, days, weeks even months of research, trying every kind of treatment or seeing specialist after specialist. I can save you so much time of navigating the mine field of information out there because I have already been there and have the real life experience.

If you feel you are lacking and needing support and guidance in your healing journey then this could be for you.You are not alone and hundreds of thousands of people are suffering daily, you can heal and it is the most rewarding experience and triumph you may ever experience.

Regardless of what you have heard or read, your body is not attacking itself. Your body loves you. It already knows what to do. It is built to heal and bring itself back to homeostasis.



Healing UC program is for you if you;


  • Want to heal UC and conventional medications are not or no longer working
  • Need assistance or support towards healing and change of lifestyle
  • Struggling with other complicated symptoms as well as UC
  • Plateaued on your healing journey and have trouble moving the needle forward
  • Looking for moral and compassion support

Healing UC program offers;

  • Free initial one hour consultation
  • Weekly one on one consultations tailored to you
  • 3 month Program
  • Full review of your current health and history
  • Support to transition into a plant-based lifestyle
  • Supervision whilst cleansing the body
  • Access to recipes and nutritional guidance
  • Supplementation if needed tailored to your individuals needs

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