"When you rise from the ashes having been broken, you become the infinite power overcoming the impossible and thus become the unstoppable"
january kultura



Highly intuitive, sensitive, musician/artist and drawn to the Healing Arts I was struck with illness that led my path to a life of healing.  My journey into finding the root cause of the many mysterious, debilitating and frightening symptoms opened my eyes to the truth. It was the beginning of a deeper calling from my soul I did not envision or see coming.

My instincts fought my way out of many crippling situations when both Western and Alternative medicine could not give me the healing that I needed.  Intuitively my soul brought me to Medical Medium information. Here I was shown the causes as to why and this lead me to the physical healing I longed for.

These deep experiences catalysed and broadened my world of the healing arts, remembering as a child my love and gravitation towards healing the sick. A yearning I could no longer deny and life orchestrated a series of events for me to re-connect with my roots/ancestry line of healers from my motherland The Philippines, where it then journeyed  my spirit back home to my souls calling.