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At Home With January

I am blessed living out in the country surrounded by trees, sung to by beautiful wild birds and wild bees buzzing next to our large tree house over looking the beautiful Australian Bush.
Four years of my adult life I suffered from illness and healed myself by living my life as natural as I could. From the change of diet using plants/herbs and taking copious amounts of raw honey as my medicines.  To then immersing myself with creativity such as music, art, videography/photography, growing food, nature walks, bushcraft and falling in love with bees have helped shaped the person I am today.

Moving back to a much more of a healthier environment  was the final step towards the healing of my body as well as spirit, mind and soul. I am here at home amongst the trees, the wildlife and doing all the things I love doing and most importantly teaching, sharing/passing on knowledge and skills  from my life experiences.

This has gifted me the wisdom in cultivating in helping those that are challenged with connection to their deeper inner-self (personal power), a longing to remember who they are (your true nature) and the reason as to why you are here (life’s purpose).

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