"Listening to nature such as the sounds of the river, the wind blowing through the coconut leaves and hearing my ancestors; the medicine women deep in the mountains were the beginnings of my work that have influenced the artist I am today"


An artist at heart born on a small island from the Philippine Archipelago where much of her influence was her culture of sound and healing.

Performed on world stages with highly regarded artists, January is also multi-instrumental frequency musician that is one of the main artists of the En Coda Symphony and En Coda Ensemble (14 time internationally award winning production).

Her presence in space as well as her ability in alchemising and creating the different fusion of sounds with her voice is powerful and can leave those that participate in her sound ceremonies and retreats breathless.

January’s love for anthropology extends her deep love for world cultures and that including world music creating her unique blend of earthly sounds derived from the roots of her island home.



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