The Love You Program


Bees are simply beautiful beings that have enriched and shaped my life to where I am now. I never thought I would fall in love with these creatures and care for them as much as I do now. It is because of bees I have a deeper respect for all walks of life, returned to working at one with nature, more aware of my surroundings/environment, flow with the rhythms and the cyclical nature of weather/seasons to building gardens to planting and growing food.

The years where I was not well and my body was at its lowest point physically, I turned to eating just plants and my diet was without fuss. I also embraced  raw honey in my daily protocols, little did I know that this was a very important part of the puzzle to getting my central nervous system and stomach issues resolved.

Until this very day, raw honey is still a very important part of my protocol and use honey as a tool for those that significantly lack glucose and need the pure sweetness in to their lives.

Just Some Benefits of Raw Honey (Medical Medium information)

*Glucose to the Central Nervous System

*Fights infectious diseases

*Repairs DNA

*Assists in colds and flus

*Auto-immune conditions

*Gut infections and stomach pain


*Neurological symptoms


*Sore throat


Who is this for?

This program is tailored to people who:

  • May have a chronic illness
  • Are soul searching
  • Want to live a life with more vitality
  • Want to explore food therapy and how it links to the body
  • Searching to heal an aspect of their lives
  • Feeling lost and uncertain of their life direction

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